Build Your Flooring Restoration Company Brand

Owning a flooring restoration business means you have to constantly market your services and the products you use to homeowners or business office or warehouse owners in order to have a continual flow of clients. With the boom in digital marketing services, you can find creative and effective ways to get the results you want. Though the majority of your marketing services should now be online, applying offline marketing strategies are still important too. You have to be visible to clients who shop for flooring restoration services on the internet, through the local papers or magazines, billboard ads, signage, or through word-of-mouth referrals. You have to be smart and practical, and a good way to know if a marketing strategy is successful is by looking at the strategies of your successful competitors and imitate or do better than them. Have a look at some of the strategies that your competitors in the flooring restoration business have been doing and afterwards think of how you can apply those same strategies or make them better and unique to your flooring restoration business.

Set up marketing and teaching booths at appropriate community markets and events.
Advertise on signage that you will impart useful maintenance tips for a few minutes at peak times and have one of your experts do a demonstration of the products you recommend for floor maintenance and restoration. Afterwards, you can hand out business cards with all your pertinent business contact information and business website address to the audience. If a few people show up, they’re likely ones who have interest in floor maintenance and likely have floors that need restoration now or later. You’ll drum up a lot of business that way and people who like to have a one-on-one, face-to-face, client-to-business owner interaction will likely phone you up later to help them with their floor restoration needs. You can hand out free samples of products for floor maintenance and restoration and you can sell those products there too and demonstrate how they’re used. People love freebies, and they’ll most likely remember your flooring restoration business name if flooring restoration ever comes up in conversation later.

Work with people in your industry.
Collaborating with people in the same industry as you like your product manufacturer or seller (if you don’t do the selling of the floor finishing products) can give you a lot of exposure. You can make a deal to promote their brand if they promote your business at their office or wherever they market their brand. You can also contact timber suppliers and ask them to have your business cards or signage for floor restoration at their office if you do the same for them and promote their timber company. Useful business relationships like those can get you more clients.

Contribute to industry-related papers or online blogs.
You can take your experience in the floor restoration business and give useful advice to others. The benefit of doing that is you can promote yourself and your website in the business. For example, if you’re writing an article on deck sanding, you can put in a link to a landing page of your business that is related to the article you’re writing like this People looking for advice on DIY deck sanding can click on it and if they don’t want to sand their deck themselves, they’ll likely choose your company because they’ll see you know what you’re talking about.

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